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Compare your data

For drivers running VBOX data loggers, download reference laps data (video and VBOX data file to compare your lines, braking points, corner speeds, etc. to champtionship winning racing drivers.

Want to know where you're faster or where you can go faster, login to ane start your analysis journey.

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Driving performance

Analyzing lap data is crucial for any motorsport racing driver, as it allows them to identify areas where they can improve their performance. One effective way to do this is by comparing their lap data to that of a faster driver.


By doing so, the driver can gain valuable insights into the techniques and driving lines that the faster driver is using to achieve better lap times. This information can be used to adjust their own driving style and identify specific areas where they can make improvements.


Additionally, comparing lap data with a faster driver can also help drivers to identify potential mistakes or areas where they are losing time on the track.

Moreover, comparing lap data with a faster driver can also provide a benchmark for the driver's performance. It can help them to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them.


When a driver knows how much time they need to shave off their lap times to match a faster driver, they can create a plan to work on their weaknesses and improve their performance.


 Overall, comparing lap data with a faster driver is an effective tool for drivers who are looking to improve their performance and achieve their goals in motorsport racing.

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